7 Places That No Foodie Should Miss When In Prayagraj: Explore Here!

7 Places That No Foodie Should Miss When In Prayagraj

7 Places That No Foodie Should Miss When In Prayagraj

Prayagraj is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in India. It has got a lot of things to offer to tourists, including temples, holy places and spiritual experiences. However, many food lovers visit this place for its delicious food. Here are some places that no foodie should miss when in Prayagraj

1. Chhola Samosa at Sainik

One of the oldest samosa shops in Prayagraj, Sainik is a must- visit place for any foodie. They serve the best chhola samosas in town and are known for their freshness and taste. The samosas are stuffed with potatoes and chana dal, then deep- fried to perfection. You can also try their other snacks like pakoras or kachoris, which are also delicious.

2. Lassi at Raja Ram Lassi Waalaa

Raja Ram Lassi Waalaa is one of the most famous lassi shops in Prayagraj and is located opposite the famous Vishwanath Temple. They serve three different types of lassi made from curd, milk and malai (cream). However, my favourite is the malai lassi which is divine! You can also try their other varieties like mango and banana lassis if you prefer something lighter.

3. Kachori at Netram Mulchand and Sons

This place is a must-visit if you want some authentic Rajasthani food. Here, the kachoris are made in pure ghee and stuffed with fresh vegetables, herbs, spices, etc. If you want to taste some authentic Rajasthani flavours, this is the place to go!

4. Masala Churmura at Civil Lines

Masala Churmura is a traditional Rajasthani dish found everywhere in Prayagraj. But if you want something special, then head over to Civil Lines, where the masala churmura comes with an extra punch of ghee! You can also try their famous bajra roti or khichdi (both vegetarian).

5. Gulab Jamuns at Hira Halwai

Many places sell these mouth-watering sweets, but the one at Hira Halwai is the best. The owner has been in this business for decades now and has gained popularity among locals and tourists alike. He even sells them online on Amazon and Flipkart!

6. Chaat at Nirala

Chaat is one of the best things about travelling through India. Nirala serves some amazing chaat items like aloo tikki chaat and Dahi vada chaat that will leave you wanting more. If you feel adventurous, you can also try out their other snacks like samosa chat or Pani puri chat.

7. Biryani at Eat on

Eat on is one of the best places in Prayagraj for biryani and other regional dishes. The restaurant was started by an ex-employee of Hotel Amaltas who wanted to bring authentic Mughlai cuisine to his hometown. The restaurant has a wide range of traditional Mughlai dishes, including the famous biryani made with mutton or chicken cooked in dum style.


Food is one of the major attractions in this city, and it won't be easy to find someone who doesn't love the food here. Prayagraj has some amazing dishes that you must try when you come here. The people here are very friendly, and it will be easy for you to ask them where you can find these places.