Details About The Train Service In Prayagraj Airport: Know Everything Here!

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Train at Tirupati Airport

Description: As a result of the airport's location on the Delhi-Kolkata and Mumbai-Kolkata trunk train lines, passengers traveling by rail will find the experience to be quite easy. A significant number of trains stop in Prayagraj because it is a busy rail hub. Rambagh Junction, Daraganj Junction, and Prayag Junction are the four railroad stations that service the city. All of these stations are located in the city center or quite close to it (the main station). A temporary railway station known as Prayag Ghat (which should not be confused with Prayag) is used in order to better manage and control the additional pilgrim traffic that occurs during significant religious festivals. There are many trains that make stops at the Cheoki station located in Naini. When there is a shortage of tickets, the location of this facility outside of Prayagraj does not prevent people from making use of it. When traveling from the airport to Prayagraj, you are needed to use the services of an auto-rickshaw or taxi.