Prayagraj Airport Service: Explore Here!

Prayagraj Airport Service

Prayagraj Airport Service

Baggage Facilities

 The luggage and baggage facilities in Prayagraj Airport are always available to the passengers. The airport also provides free trolleys and guides to passengers who are old and who are starting their venture for the first time.


 Prayagraj Airport offers variable services including first aid station help, heath assistance, and sitting room for VIP class passengers. The airport also has a playing room for small kids, a lost and found counter, an ATM as well as wheelchairs for aged people.

Locations to Purchase and Eat

 Prayagraj Airport offers many snack bar dominions, cafes, and small room-like restaurants to cater to and serve passengers’ needs to serve their appetites. The airport also serves beverages and refreshments to serve each and every individual inside and outside the flight.


 Individuals can easily spot ATMs, prayer rooms as well as a service center, luggage checking, security as well as document collecting departments.


 Individuals can easily find restrooms and rooms where people can keep their baggage. All these things can be easily spotted by an individual when entering the arrival area of the airport.