The Top 6 Things To See & Do In Prayagraj and Nearby: Know Here!

The Top 6 Things To See & Do In Prayagraj and Nearby

The Top 6 Things To See & Do In Prayagraj and Nearby

Prayagraj is a city in the northern part of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is among the seven sacred cities for Hindus and is known as "the city of temples". The city of Prayagraj is a tourism hotspot and attracts millions of tourists every year. The city has several historical places that attract tourists from all over the world. A visit to these places will offer you an insight into the rich history and culture of this beautiful city.

1. Khusro Bagh

Khusro Bagh is one of India's most impressive Mughal gardens. It was built by Emperor Jahangir and has been beautifully preserved since then. The garden has a series of large terraces with fountains, ponds and pavilions. The main attraction here is the bazaar, where you can find local handicrafts such as marble inlay work, brassware, cloth printing, etc.

2. Allahabad Fort

Akbar built the Allahabad Fort in 1583. The fort is located near the bank of the Yamuna River, and hence, it has been named Allahabad. A moat surrounds the fort on all its four sides. There are also gates at four corners, and a bridge connects it with the city.

3. Alfred Park

Alfred Park is one of the most popular parks in Prayagraj. It was built by Sir Alfred Cripps, an English administrator and industrialist. He played an important role in the industrialization of Prayagraj during the colonial era. Hence, he is also known as the Father of Industry in Prayagraj.

4. Hanuman Mandir

This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, and it is believed that Lord Rama visited this temple during his exile period in search of Sita. King Vikramaditya built the temple. It was later renovated during Mughal rule when Emperor Humayun came here with his wife, Hamida Banu Begum.

5. Anand Bhavan

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Prayagraj, where Nehru family members lived for many years until Independence Day in 1947. The house has been converted into a museum where visitors can see what life was like for Nehru family members during their stay here.

6. Ashoka Pillar

The Ashoka Pillar is the oldest structure in Allahabad. Emperor Ashoka erected it in the 3rd century BC. The pillar has inscriptions in Brahmi script that tells about his reign and ideas about virtue, morality and truth. The inscription also mentions his conquest of Kalinga. It is believed that he built 84,000 stupas to commemorate the lives of people who died during this war.


With its many historical sites and religious significance, the city of Allahabad offers visitors a variety of fascinating things to see and do. Whether you are just passing through on a tour of Northern India or want to spend some time in one of the yoga retreats in Prayagraj, it is a worthwhile destination that should not be missed.